Sam Diamond 💎


It’s Bad

I've been struggling to write lately. I've had something in my head for almost a decade now, about how finance is a mystical force, how that's calming, and how the last decade's feeling of weightlessness has been driven by financial systems flooding the economy of production with fake meaning. But, now that everything has fallen apart, this take is too obvious and there's no point in writing it. That hasn't stopped various trend forecasting consultancies trying, but each time I read these pieces, even the good ones, I'm struck at how redundant they feel. The fact that the pieces are then shared approvingly by the bad actors who have benefitted more than anyone from this economy is enough to make the blood boil. Although really I'm also complicit. It's difficult not to have been--it's been the water we've swum in for a long time.

Now is a bad time to write anyway, anything that isn't fiction or poetry, at least. It's too early, the dust hasn't settled, and people are hurting. Therefore, even the most well-intentioned work is just a rehashing of prior opinion; the crisis is reaffirming the stances of even the most opposed dogmatists. Now is the time to put everything on hold, to listen and to care, and to wait patiently for the future.